BUS 434 Week 4 Quiz

This paperwork of BUS 434 Week 4 Quiz consists of:

1. The National Association of Suggestion Systems claims that a dollar spent in rewarding suggestions will return ______ dollars in improved operations to the organization.

Student Answer:

– $1

– $250

– $5

– $15

2. The size of a bonus received by an operating manager will quite often be determined by all but which one of the following criteria?

Student Answer:

– work unit reduction in cost

– performance rating of manager’s subordinates

– employee’s own performance rating

– area of functional responsibility

3. Which of the following statements is least descriptive of why many suggestion plans have failed?

Student Answer:

– employee apathy

– failure to recognize contributions

– management lacks interest

– union members block suggestions through committee action

4. Which one of the following is not a benefit to the employer when offering an ESOP?

Student Answer:

– maintains a stable work force

– owner can sell stock to a friend

– results in a dilution of value of the stock

– ESOT can borrow money under favorable conditions

5. In contrast to compensation systems in the private sector, those for government employees are less likely to include use of

Student Answer:

– wage surveys

– job descriptions

– job evaluation

– financial incentives

6. Which one of the following statements is not true regarding a defined contribution plan?

Student Answer:

– most pension plans are defined contribution plans

– crucial to a defined contribution plan are investment and management skills

– employers assume the investment risk

– most plans have less than 100 participants

7. Which of the following is not true about a well-designed incentive scheme?

Student Answer:

– it should reflect the desire of the business to recognize performance

– it should be limited to individual efforts

– it should assist in coordinating the efforts of all employees

– it should demonstrate the ability of the business to reward performance at all levels

8. All but which one of the following theories are included within content theories of motivation?

Student Answer:

– Maslow’s hierarchical needs

– Herzberg’s two-factor theory

– McClelland’s four modes of success

– Adams’ equity theory

9. Employees of the federal government are eligible for

Student Answer:

– patent awards

– outstanding contributor award

– special achievement award

– perfect attendance award

10. Which section of the Internal Revenue Code defines rights and opportunities for long-term compensation programs?

Student Answer:

– 125

– 401

– 520

– 717

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