BUS 405 Week 1 Chapter 2 The Investment Process

This archive file of BUS 405 Week 1 Chapter 2 The Investment Process comprises:

1. Market timing is the:

2. Asset allocation is the:

3. Jesse is researching chemical companies in an effort to determine which company’s stock he should purchase. This process is known as:

4. A Roth IRA:

5. A brokerage account in which purchases can be made using credit is referred to as which type of account?

6. Kate just purchased $7,000 worth of stock. She paid $5,000 in cash and borrowed $2,000. In this example, the term margin refers to:

7. Which one of the following best describes the term “initial margin”?

8. The minimum equity that must be maintained at all times in a margin account is called the:

9. When your equity position in a security is less than the required amount

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