BUS 401 Week 1 Quiz.

This archive file of BUS 401 Week 1 Quiz consists of:

1. The income statement for Brit, Inc. Indicates that tax expense was $20,000. The balance sheet indicates that taxes payable for the same year increased by $ 5,000. What amount did Brit, Inc. actually pay in taxes during this year?

2. A financial manager is considering two projects, A and B. A is expected to add $ 2 million to profits this year while B is expected to add $ 1 million to profits this year. Which of the following statements is most correct?

3. Which of the following statements about depreciation is true?

4. The principle of risk-return tradeoff means that _____

5. The quick ratio of a firm would be increased by which of the following?

6. Common sized income statements ___________

7. The December 31, 2007 balance sheet shows net fixed assets of $100,000 and the December 31, 2008 balance sheet shows net fixed assets of $140,000. Depreciation expense for 2007 is $15,000 and depreciation expense for 2008 is $20,000. Based on the information, the cost of fixed assets purchased during 2008 is ________

8. Project A is expected to generate positive cash flow of $ 1 million in 10 years while Project B is expected to generate $ 500,000 in 5 years. Therefore, _______

9. Global.Com has cash of $75,000; short term notes payable of $100,000; accounts receivable of $275,000; accounts payable of $135,000; inventories of $350,000; and accrued expenses of $75,000. What is Global

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