BUC Physical Changes Aging Process Death & Dying in Saudi Arabia Reflection Essay

write a 2-3 page individual reflection on death and dying as it relates to their own family and culture ( I’m from Saudi Arabia. Be sure to make the connections with what was learned in class throughout the semester regarding aging, dying, and social perspective.

what was learned in class about:

1- Physical Changes and the Aging Process.

2- Health and Wellness for Older Adults.

3- Mental Health, Cognitive Abilities, and Aging

4- Economics, Work, and Retirement.

5- Age-Friendly Communities, Living Arrangements, and Housing Options.

6- Older Adults Giving and Receiving Support

7- Medical Conditions, Assisted Living, and Long-Term Care.

8- Medicare, Medicaid, and Medications.

you have a lot of topics that can help to write reflections papers. Please follow APA fromat

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