BU Impacts of Tourism on Water & The Environment Video Analysis Q&A Discussion

Part A

Impacts of tourism on water and the environment


Watch the video below on the Great Barrier Reef and answer the following questions.


(Video title: Visit the Great Barrier Reef – posted by Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, 3:15)

Video questions

  • What are the potential impacts of tourists on the water and on the Great Barrier Reef?
  • What can tourists do to limit their impact on the Great Barrier Reef?

  • Read the following news article (see link below) about a beach closure in Thailand. Why did they close the beach and do you think these types of closures are effective?


Ellis-Peterson, H. (2018) Thailand Bay made famous by The Beach closed indefinitely. The Guardian 3 October.

Part B

Climate change and tourism endangering coral reefs


The Dominican Republic depends heavily on the tourism industry. Watch the video below on the Coral Gardens conservation project in The Dominican Republic and answer the following questions.


(Web Page Article Title: Climate Change and tourism endangering coral reefs posted on DW)

Video questions

  • What are the impacts of climate change shown in the video?
  • How is water being used by the tourism industry as shown in the video?
  • How does the Coral Gardens conservation project in The Dominican Republic work and what challenges does the project face?

Part C.

Mass Tourism and Water Use

The following article focuses on the relationship between mass tourism and water use in the Costa Brava in Spain.The authors examine water use in hotels in a high-density area. The study was conducted through face-to-face interview led surveys of 53 hotels. Read the following article and answer the questions below.

Gabarda-Lammorqui, A., Garcie, X. and Ribas, A. (2017) Mass tourism and water efficiency in the hotel industry: A case study. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 61 (February 2017) 82-93.

You can access the article by the link below or paste the title of the article in the OMNI search engine in the Brock University Library webpage.


Article Questions

  • In Section 2 of the article (Literature Review), the authors name three main categories to identify the factors that influence the use of water by hotels worldwide. These categories are: (1) physical characteristics, (2) facilities and leisure structures that require water, and (3) business and environmental management models. For each of these three main categories, identify some examples of how water use can be measured or examined.
  • Section 5 of the article presents the Results of the study and Section 6 presents the Conclusion. Identify at a minimum three interesting findings from the article and indicate what use these three findings could be to those responsible for water use management working either in a hotel or in government.

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