BSHS 345 Week 3 DQs and Journal

This archive file of BSHS 345 Week 3 DQs and Journal comprises:

DQ1: What unique challenges do women face in their lives? What would be a useful intervention to reduce the related lifespan risk? While personal opinions are important, you must use the text or a peer reviewed article to support your post.

DQ2: Go to the UoP Library and find the Counseling Subject Guide. Please do the following activities:

1. Go to the media library. How many videos are there in the UoP media library on diversity?

2. Use Proquest to find an article on diversity related to problems related to the low income, wealthy, and diversity. Prepare a 1 paragraph summary of the article.

3. Use the Sage Journals database to find an article on diversity and immigrants. Please give the citation for the article.

DQ3: You will find information on ProQuest Social Sciences in the UoP Counseling Guide. Use ProQuest Social Sciences to find a chart or graph related to diversity in your state. If you cannot find a chart or graph for your state, find one for a member of a diverse group (Hispanics, African Americans, immigrants, etc.). Share your finding with the class.

Journal Week 3

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