BSHS 345 Week 1 DQs and Journal

This paperwork of BSHS 345 Week 1 DQs and Journal includes:

DQ1: In this class you are required to use the Quote Original button every time you make a post in the Main Forum. The quote original button is located across from the Cancel Button. You will see it after you hit the reply key. After you hit the reply key place your cursor at the top of the page before you start typing your response. What does the quote original button do?

DQ2: Why it is important for human services workers to study and understand diversity and differences?

DQ3: Have you used language in a hurtful way without meaning to in the workplace? How do you propose to become more self-aware of the language you use?

DQ4: Go to the U of P Library and find Demographics Now in the Specialized Resources section. What information can you find for the area that you live in?

Journal Entry

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