Brite Early Childhood Development Psychology Presentation


Guidelines: Your grade is based on your analysis of the following assignment components and integration of information from your sources. You may work in pairs for this assignment, or you may do it by yourself. If you work with another student, both of you need to submit the presentation to the discussion board as an individual post that includes the names of both partners at the top. 

Also, please remember you receive one grade for both of you and you are responsible for the division of labor between you. Please answer both parts. As this is a presentation, there is no minimum word count, but your grade is based on the extent to which you thoroughly address the required components of the assignment stated below. 

You do not need an introduction or conclusion- just dive in and address the assignment components, labeling your slides according to the instructions. Please include a reference slide in APA format and use in-text citations on individual slides. Our library has compiled an excellent APA reference document here: If you have further questions regarding APA format or research resources, our LWTech librarians are excellent help with that. 

You can also contact them via email through the library Learning Commons if you cannot make it to campus to speak with them in person.  Support your paper with several specific examples from the course readings and the other credible, academic sources. Please remember your grade for this assignment is based on your integration of psychological facts and concepts. It is not intended to be a persuasive presentation based on opinion, so think facts, not personal opinion as you are compiling your presentation. If you want to include your personal opinion of the issues presented, please do so at the end of your presentation to ensure you are satisfying the assignment requirements. 

Instructions:  Choose a life stage we have covered in class and explore the psychological challenges and opportunities experienced by people in this particular life stage. Address each part of the assignment as described below. When describing your topic, you should include relevant statistics rather than make generalizations based on your personal observations so that your report is based on statistically sound data. An example: if you are writing about adolescence, rather than writing about personal opinions or experiences of your adolescence, please include information from sources such as the American Psychological Association on this life stage. Please label each part below and thoroughly address all questions and prompts for each part using sub-headings. Your grade is based on how thoroughly you address each of the following components of this assignment outlined below, as well as the extent to which your paper is grounded in analysis (not personal opinion) of facts and psychological concepts. 

Part 1: 

Discuss the following: 1) a brief summary of the life stage you chose to write about (what are the ages involved?), 2) the physical, mental, emotional, and social developmental characteristics at this developmental stage, and 3) the main challenges and opportunities in this life stage (for example, if you are writing about early or middle adulthood, you might discuss challenges and opportunities of work-life balance). 

Part 2: 

Discussing the following: 1) the critical periods or development milestones for this life stage, 2) possible blocks to normal growth and development at this stage (for example, family disruptions), and 3) the impact on individuals and their families when individuals have not developed along expected patterns for this life stage. 

Part 3: 

Describe recent trends, important events, or new studies related to the life stage you are researching. 

Part 4: 

Describe this life stage in one country of your choice outside of the United States and compare and contrast the development process for this life stage in both countries. For example, if you selected adolescence as your stage, are there any rites of passage for that life stage in the country you chose to study for this section that people do not experience in the U.S., or visa versa? Include a reference sheet for all sources in APA format and in-text citations with the title and module where you found the information in your assigned reading.

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