BPA 303 Week 2 DQs

This file of BPA 303 Week 2 Discussion Questions comprises:

DQ 1: How do the media affect policy implementation? How do proposed faith-based initiatives influence the policy implementation process? Who are the players?

DQ 2: What is an effective approach in identifying key actors in the implementation process? How do the media and constituents together advocate the revisions of programs and policies and shape public opinion?

DQ 3: What policies or programs might be appropriate for implementation by not-for-profit or community organizations? What might be the influence of effective implementation if it were directed at a federal level instead of a state or local level? Is it a good idea to shift power from the federal government to states and localities? Why or why not?

DQ 4: How do you measure political influence? What are the advantages and disadvantages of political influence? Is the shaping of public opinion by external influences good or bad for effective policy implementation? Why or why not?

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