BPA 303 Week 1 DQs

This pack of BPA 303 Week 1 Discussion Questions comprises:

DQ 1: Under the current administration, which theory provides the most insight in terms of effective policy implementation? Why? Based on these theories, how do we know policy implementation is occurring?

DQ 2: What is the difference between policy development and policy implementation? Who are the key players in policy implementation? How important are each of the key players in determining the success of policy implementation?

DQ 3: Which policy implementers have the most power? Why? What happens when the policy implementer tries to implement unclear policies? How do legislative bodies make it difficult for administrators to implement policy?

DQ 4: How do limited resources affect policy implementation? If the laws are already passed, how can pressure groups and political organizations influence policy implementation?

DQ 5: How does effective policy implementation improve the delivery of public goods and services? What is the role of private industry in the implementation of public policy?

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