BPA 301 Week 2 DQS

This document of BPA 301 Week 2 Discussion Questions shows the solutions to the following problems:

DQ1: Why do some communities have access to increased financial resources more than others? Should there be more of an equal distribution by the federal government or even local and state governments in this area of public finance? Why or why not? And how would you equalize the playing field more, do you think? Use substantive and concrete information to support your points, using the text, course materials and research.

DQ2: Research the difference but sometimes connectedness of sales tax versus income tax. How are they defined, and what is the connection, or is there one? What is your opinion regarding the equity of sales tax versus income tax? (Include what your sales tax and income tax is where you live in your response.)

DQ3: There is another pending economic recession, announced by Wall Street, the government and just about everyone in the media. You are a newly hired Program Manager working for a government agency, and your boss has asked you to write a few key points to include in his next

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