that the course syllabus has eroded into a


I’m interested in gathering inspiration for deciding between the two research topics by using this forum as a sounding board. The two topics I’m considering are:1. Quantitative research related to the college syllabus.I’m motivated to study this topic because I have come to believe that the course syllabus has eroded into a shield for teachers and a conduit for legalese for colleges and actually does very little to help students. Today’s syllabus contains limited information regarding grading formulas, rubrics, and assignment outlines. Instead, it’s more of a list of chapters covered and due dates. Students don’t understand how to use them or why they are (should be) important–because the content is increasingly faculty-focused instead of student-centric. Further, faculty will frequently announce changes to an active course syllabus that accommodates their own needs, but then point to the document as an immovable monolith that they have no control over when students appeal for flexibility. I would be interested in taking this subject on as a research topic, but I need some ideas for how to pursue it in a way that would add to the science of the subject. Ideas?2. Quantitative research regarding the use of the word bullying instead of harassment for intimidation that children experience.I’m increasingly concerned that society unintentionally mitigates the significance of the harassment that children experience because we have invented a less-than-legal special word for it called: bullying. But when adults experience intimidation scenarios that are parallel in nature, we elevate the significance of the situation by applying a word that carries legal ramifications: harassment. Why do we do this? Are adults even aware they do this? Suppose they were to be given a fictional scenario in which the age and environment of proposed intimidation took place. If they assumed it described intimidation of an elementary child, would they consistently define it as bullying? If they thought the story was about an adult at work, would they always call it harassment? What is the real difference between the word bullying and harassment? Is it really age-related?I’m interested in seeing what kind of hypothesis statement the keen minds on this site would apply to these topics, and what type of design you would recommend. So I’m not asking for anything hard, just suggestions for: H1, H0, experimental design, and statistical test. That’s it.The short answer system in Hero keeps applying a 5 hour deadline…but I several days for this.




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