Statistics- Calculate the degrees of freedom for SSB and SSW


Use the following data to answer questions 6-10:We take another look at health based on the practice question on Page 408, this time examining the relationship between educational attainment and perceived quality of health care. Data for three groups are presented based on the HINTS2012 data set. Present the five-step model for these data, using alpha = .01. QUALITYCARE is measured on a five-point scale: 1—excellent, 2—very good, 3—good, 4—fair, and 5—poor. Note how a lower score indicates a higher quality of care.Less Than High SchoolSome CollegeCollege Graduate121431221222341322Find the answers for the worksheet.Less Than High SchoolSome CollegeCollege Graduate121431221222341322Sum Y1=Sum Y2=Sum Y3=Mean Y1=Mean Y2=Mean Y3=Sum up square of Y1=Sum up square of Y2=Sum up square of Y3=K1=K2=K3=Total mean =N =Can you help me with these questions and the above chart?Calculate the degrees of freedom for SSB and SSW.Calculate Mean Square within and Mean Square betweenWhat’s the F statistic in this dataMake decision if alpha was set up at .05, and please use Appendix E (Page to discuss your decision making




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