A small nursing program has limited access to clinical sites, especial

A small nursing program has limited access to clinical sites, especially those that might contain specialty areas (cardiac intensive care, neonatal intensive care, trauma/neuro intensive care, etc.).

Which of the following might be an alternative option for nurse educators to allow their students “hands-on” simulated clinical experience in these areas?
1. A field trip to a larger nursing institution
2. Videos
3. CAI
4. Workbook with written study guides



Correct Answer: 3
Rationale 1: Taking field trips not be economically feasible.
Rationale 2: Videos also provide instruction, but not simulation.
Rationale 3: Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) helps students as well as nurses learn and demonstrate learning. Programs cover topics from drug dosage calculations to ethical decision making, drill and practice, simulation, and testing. CAI simulations can provide a virtual experience for the student through a computer program.
Rationale 4: Written study guides allow for learning, but not “hands-on” experience.

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