BIS 320 week 1 DQs

This work of BIS 320 Week 1 Discussion Questions contains:

DQ1: Think about functional areas within an organization, such as payroll, human resources, and sales. How are software and hardware used in these departments to meet their informational objectives?

DQ2: You are combining a report you created in Microsoft® Word and a report from a colleague. This report will be used extensively in the company. It is important it is formatted correctly and presents a good image. What steps must be taken so the report is formatted professionally?

DQ3: What is the difference between a client and a server? Explain the functions of client and server computers. How do the hardware requirements differ? How do they each support business goals? Cite specific examples.

DQ4: Is open-source software a viable solution? Why or why not? Use the terminology of closed source, source code, and machine code. Explain why open source could be a legitimate alternative but may not be appropriate for a specific application, such as a payroll application.

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