Bethel University Criminal Justice Performance Evaluation Essay


Case Summary

Summarize concerns related to measuring productivity in a law enforcement agency or in a correctional facility. Briefly define and discuss how efficiency, effectiveness, equity, and accountability are related to measuring productivity and performance.

(500 word minimum.cite sources. No plagiarism)


Case Analysis
What are the primary issues associated with supervisors’ ability to evaluate the performance of subordinates, and what can be done to reduce the impact of raters’ errors?

(500 word minimum.cite sources. No plagiarism)


Executive Decisions
Imagine that you are second in command at a law enforcement agency or a correctional facility, and that you are responsible for implementing a performance evaluation system that includes surveys from offenders who had contact with the officer whose performance is being evaluated. Identify the questions you would include on the offender surveys, and discuss the possible benefits of including the results of offender surveys as an element of officers’ annual performance appraisals.

(500 word minimum.cite sources. No plagiarism)

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