Berkeley College Landscape as Prisonscape Presentation

Hi I am doing a group presentation about Thadious Davis, “Landscape as Prisonscape”. I have already some powerpoint material that I have started and I am uploading it! Feel free to change something if you think that would be better!

I will be doing the following parts:

– 1st slide consists of author info

– 2nd slide is About Landscape as Prisonscape, just an overview about the text and whatever you think is important for me to say during the presentation.

– 3rd slide is about the thesis. In my view it is the following one “Whether in pre-emancipation or post-slavery settings, Gaines connects the literal prison with the metaphorical incarceration manifested in his representation of the plantation and its force in the lives of its inhabitants. The prison structure and the plantation culture intertwined together become a more prominent and recognizable trope for the status of blacks in the American South.” (p. 293). I need an explanation about it and the relevance to the text.

– 4th slide I will be discussing In My Father’s House and the character Robert X – relevance. This has to be the biggest part of my script.

I need a script with everything that I will be saying during the presentation + powerpoint slides with the main points so I can show during the presentation. Please do not put too much information in the slides. My presentation should be around 5 minutes. PLEASE DO NOT USE DIRECT SENTENCES FROM THE TEXT OR INTERNET.

“This assignment is meant to familiarize you with the analytical process necessary to write a persuasive paper in the humanities and to improve your oral communication by thinking critically about secondary sources. It will also teach you the important parts of a secondary source. For this assignment, students will work together in groups to present on an article or chapter that is related to one of the primary texts or subjects we will be studying. Your midterm paper and final creative project for this class could synthesize textual, historical, and cultural analysis, and your examination of a secondary source will help you with this task.

Here are some of the questions your presentation could address:

  • ● What can you find out about the author and the publication from which the source comes?
  • ● What is the thesis of the secondary source?
  • ● What are the most important reasons that back up this author’s claims?
  • ● If applicable, which moments in the primary text does the author refer to when backing up these claims?
  • ● What kinds of research and resources does the author draw upon?Some examples could be historical events, cultural developments, or political debates that were happening at the time that the author was writing. Other examples include other scholars’ close readings, reactions to the primary text(s), and theories about race, gender, sexuality, violence, etc. Basically, what sources does the author refer to?
  • ● What do you find particularly convincing about the argument?
  • ● Can you identify further evidence that does not appear in the secondary source but that might further reinforce or complicate some of the author’s claims?
  • ● What “scholarly conversation” is the author of the secondary source participating in? (In some sources, the author will explicitly state what conversation he or she is contributing to, but in other sources you might need to deduce what theconversation is.)

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