BCOM 426 Week 2 DQs and Summary

In this file of BCOM 426 Week 2 Discussion Questions and Summary you will find:

DQ1: How would you characterize the news environment? How would you characterize the advertising environment? Are the news and advertising environments related? If so, how? If not, should they be?

DQ2: How would you define newsworthiness? How would you define sensationalism? How does the news media leverage newsworthiness and sensationalism? Provide specific examples.

DQ3: How does communications immediacy affect accuracy and in turn, how does immediacy affect decision making? What are some of the risks of waiting to make decisions until all the facts are known or reported. Explain and provide an example.

DQ4: How are the news and advertising environments related and different? How do business interests impact editorial judgments. Provide an example of inherent conflicts.


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