Barry Minnow Discussion Board

Once you have a good understanding of his story over the years, please post a ½ to one page summary exploring Barry and his colorful history, specifically focused on your observations of his story and what you, as a potential forensic accountant/fraud examiner, can most learn from his story.

•What are your most poignant observations?

•What are lessons to learn from this story?

•What conclusions can you derive about motivating factors?

•How does this story impact your opinion of the role of auditors?

•How well does the fraud triangle (or other fraud theories) apply to fraudsters like Barry Minkow? How might the application of these theories be different in this case?

•What is your opinion of the punishment that Barry has experienced (sentences, jail time, fines, restitution)?

•Is jail time an effective deterrent? Why/why not? If not, what might constitute a more effective deterrent?

•How do we stop fraudsters like Barry? Why does this type of fraud story continue to repeat itself?

Do not limit yourself to these questions. This discussion is an opportunity to share your gut instincts and observations, using what you have learned thus far. Please do NOT recap his story – I am very familiar with it. I am most interested in your thoughts, observations, reactions, opinions, and conclusions that arise as you study Mr. Minkow’s history.

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