Ashland County West Holmes Personal Writing and Research Processes Questions Discussion

Mid-Term Reflection prompts

As we approach the mid-term, take some time to recalibrate, considering your experience with the class so far and where you are headed. You may use this document as your template. Provide your answers after each prompt.

  • To date, what has been the most interesting or useful assignment in this class and why? (i.e., a reading that interested you, or an activity that helped you with another class – like researching).
  • Tell me about your writing and research processes. For example: What environments do you work best in? Do you write and research in the same environment? Do you rough draft your work? Do you work best under pressure? Have you noticed these processes changing this semester (maybe due to COVID or due to other pressures, etc.)?
  • Was the annotated bibliography and the research through WVU Libraries new experiences for you? What did you learn in doing this assignment that will help you later when you do additional research for the position paper? (If this was not a new experience for you, then simply provide me with a research tip you have found useful in the past.)
  • Ruminate regarding your peer editing workshop. Would you deem it successful? Did your group work well together and give each other beneficial feedback? Was it organized? Were there obstacles (students not participating, internet issues, etc.). (If you did not participate in this workshop, leave this prompt blank.)
  • Please set one specific goal for yourself as it pertains to this class. For example, committing to Discussion Board posts (if you’ve fallen behind) or budgeting your time in a different way or committing to passing in general.

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