Ashford University Evidence of Formative Learning Video Questions

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Choose one of the following videos to watch: 300 words

  • Improving Practice With Sarah Brown Wessling (Links to an external site.)
  • Keeping It Relevant and “Authentic” (Links to an external site.)
  • Assess and Plan With Exit Tickets
  • Answer the following questions using evidence from your course readings, based on the video you selected above:
    • What evidence did you see and hear regarding formative assessments being an assessment for learning? More specifically, how did the teacher in your selected video assess during learning and how does it connect with your course readings? Make reference to your course readings to support your response.
    • How did the teacher in your selected video able to determine the current progress of his or her learners in relation to mastering the objective? Provide specifics from the video and reference your course readings.
    • How is the use of formative assessments helping to prepare learners for the summative assessment? Make reference to your course readings to support your response.
    • Provide a description of the tool you selected and how it could be used to assess your leaners.
    • Develop a specific example of how you might use it when instructing, and identify if it would be considered diagnostic, formative, or summative. Explain your reasoning with evidence from your readings.
    • Discuss whether assessing learners through digital means makes assessing learners more efficient for educators. Why or why not? Provide evidence from your course readings to support your response.
  • —————————————————————————————————————————————————————

    • Search for a peer-reviewed journal article in the Ashford University Library about current research findings in classroom assessment that explores the purposes and limitations of assessments for learning. Your article should be no more than five years old. Here are some topics you may want to consider:
      • Test Bias
      • Bell Curve Controversy
      • Standardized Testing
      • Test Anxiety
      • Grade Inflation
      • Academic Cheating
      • Portfolio Assessment
      • Computer Adaptive Testing
      • Grades and Grading
      • Testing learners with disabilities
      • Performance-Based Assessment
      • Subjectivity of Rubrics


    Consider how your chosen article exposes potential limitations of assessments for learning.

    Complete the following:

    • Include the topic of your article before you write your summary.
    • Provide a brief summary (about 300 words) of your peer-reviewed article that includes the major ideas, arguments, and findings.
    • Share your own thoughts and comments about the article. What did you find interesting or what surprised you? Use the course readings to support your response.
    • Develop one question that you have about your particular topic that would require a bit more research. Place this question at the end of your response.
    • Be sure to cite and reference your article using APA formatting.

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