Ashford University American Government & Personal Political Beliefs Paper

Prepare: Prior to posting your introduction, read the two articles provided by the Pew Research Center on Political Typology: Key Facts From Pew Research’s Political Typology (Links to an external site.) and Beyond Red Vs. Blue: The Political Typology (Links to an external site.). Next, take the Political Typology Quiz (Links to an external site.). Respond to the questionnaire to get information about your political philosophy or ideology. Save your results for future reference in this course.

*If you are unable to access the Political Typology Quiz, please take this alternative quiz: Take the Political Party Quiz to Find Out Where You Fit! (Links to an external site.)

Reflect Icon

Reflect: Once you complete the quiz, look over the results and evaluate if they reflect your personal political beliefs. How accurate is the quiz at identifying your views on American politics?

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Write: Post your two-paragraph introduction.

In the first paragraph,

  • Discuss your personal and professional interests, including your major and your future career goals.

In the second paragraph,

  • Describe your political philosophy based on the results of the Political Typology Quiz.
  • Include whether you agree or disagree with the results and why. If you disagreed with the results, please discuss what you found inaccurate and what you contend is your personal, political ideology.

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