ART 1301 LSC The Madonna and Child Art Has Dynamic Colors Discussion

Color is a vital element that many artists use in their creations. Look carefully at how early Italian Renaissance painter Fillipo Lippi uses color in his painting Madonna and Child from circa 1483-84.

Refer to the color wheel and graphic tools provided in the Power Point presentation and describe what you see. What hues are present in this work? How saturated (or strong) are the hues? Does the artist focus on primary or secondary colors? Where do you see these colors? Does the artist change the value of the colors — use tints or shades? Where? Why? Are there any tones of color (think of more greyish colors)? Where? Does the artist use analogous or complementary colors? If so, where? Why do you think the artist used the colors the way he did? What is the affect or mood that is enhanced by the colors? Do you think the colors were chosen for psychological, expressive, and/or expressive reasons?

Write your descriptive summary and analysis using complete sentences and proper grammar and spelling. Your post should be 100 words minimum. You may want to draw from other elements, principles, and vocabulary learned in class in your description.

Link of the image:

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