ART 101 University of Phoenix Jacob Lawrence Contemporary Works Discussion

Critical writing assignment is to developed a cover
page, body of paper beginning with the thesis and an annotated bibliography. Critical
writing is an interpretive process in which the main opinion or argument (thesis) is
supported by research and understanding. Thesis = period +art references +theme
+opinion. the thesis statement should include your opinion referencing a Style/period of
Art and one of the Themes of Art. Themes of Art: Spiritual Belief; The Cycle of Life;
Love and Sex (Desire); The Body, Gender and Identity; The Individual and Cultural
Identity; Power or Science, Technology and the Environment.

My thesis: The contemporary works by Jacob Lawrence and Kehinde Wiley works represent a cultural identity through race relations that have improved yet are still at the root of unrest in America.

Annotated Bibliography includes 2 print resources (books), 2 digital resources (books
or scholarly articles), 2 art image resources (where the art images were obtained, best to
use museum collections) and additional information (museum guides or etc). The
annotated part is a one paragraph summary of the content of the resource.

Attached is the paper I have started with the title, thesis, and the annotated bibliography I need help finishing it. thank you

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