ANTH1115 University of Colorado Pirates of the Caribbean Film Analysis Paper


“Having viewed the Pirates of the Caribbean film specified by your TA, and the documentary Egalité for All, please consider both of them in the context of our course readings through September 30th. While discussing at least three relevant readings, you should consider: Who is the audience of the film? What is missing about the Caribbean societies about which you have been learning? Which aspects of the readings are represented, and which are not?

Do not simply summarize the plot. Also, remember this is an anthropology course, not a cinema course: do not dwell on cinematography issues – focus on how the content is relevant to the themes of the course.

The paper should be submitted via Canvas’s Dropbox feature before your recitation: 4-5 typewritten pages, double-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins.


As stated in the syllabus (p. 3), film analyses will be evaluated based on whether they (1) are well-written (proofread, paginated, argument flow, citations – grammar counts if the instructor doesn’t understand) [3 points]; (2) demonstrate the student has viewed and understood the film in the context of the prompt [3 points]; and (3) references and analyzes relevant course readings [4 points].”

As stated in the prompt, the goal of this essay is to write a 4-5 page relating the 3 chosen readings from class to the movie pirates of the Caribbean, dead mans chest.

I need the paper to be done by Thursday evening, October 3rd, so that I can turn in in early Friday morning. I will provide the links to the 3 in class readings that I want to relate the movie to. Please let me know if you can help along with your $$rate.


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