American Public University Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement Paper

Part 1 of assignment. i will also post assignment for research paper as Part 2

Please follow this format when creating your research paper proposal. You will need to submit your proposal in the form of a Word document by attaching it to the your assignment. Please complete this by Sunday at 11:55 p.m. I will return it to you in the form of a PDF file no later than Friday evening of Week 5.

1. The topic of this research paper is ………..

2. My thesis statement is…..

3. Five sources that I will use for the paper are:






4. The research paper will roughly follow the outline listed below. However, if I discover new facts then the outline may change to fit the discoveries that I found while research the topic.

a. Preliminary introduction (in your words) of just a sentence or two.

b. Preliminary headings to the major sections of the research paper (at least three)

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