Algorithm Calorie management

1: Calorie Management

Begin working on the Week Five Learning Team Assignment: Calorie Management. This is a cumulative assignment that is completed over several weeks.

Imagine that your team of software developers won a contract to develop a program that will identify whether a person is balancing calories consumed with those being expended or burned by taking the following into account:

·  The balance of calories is calculated daily.

·  Calories are consumed in both food and beverages. Calories can be identified from both product labeling and calorie counters located on the Internet

·  Calories are burned daily in both daily living and exercise. Calories expended or burned can be calculated using calorie calculators located on the Internet.

·  The balance of calories may be displayed in either calories or pounds and ounces. The following are examples of the information that might be provided:

o  Calories are in balance

o  _ _ _ more calories are consumed than expended

o  _ _ _ more calories are expended than consumed

o  No pounds/ounces were gained or lost

o  _ pounds _ _ ounces may have been gained

o  _ pounds _ _ ounces may have been lost

·  Use the following computation: One pound equals 3500 calories.

Review and discuss your ideas for the assignment.

Identify the criteria your team will need to develop the required software. To do this, you must begin by thinking about how a computer and a program processes and stores data.

Algorithm Planning for Calorie Management

The first phase of your team’s project is to plan how your team will develop a program that calculates the user’s daily caloric balance.

Create a complete list of activities, placed in logical order that must be completed in the first phase of the programming development cycle.

Determine the modules that will be needed in the program.

Design a top-level algorithm that calls each module as needed.

Write a simple algorithm in pseudocode that lists the program’s input, output, and processing components in a logical, sequential order. At this stage, do not show the tasks and subtasks within each component.

 Program Variables for Calorie Management

Continue working on the Week Five Learning Team Assignment.

Identify the variables that are needed in the program. For each variable, provide the following:

·  A name

·  The variable’s data type

·  A description of the variable’s purpose

Begin the flowchart that will represent the algorithm.

Use Visual Logic to create the flowchart of the top-level algorithm.

Develop an algorithm in pseudocode that shows the tasks and subtasks for each program module component that was in the simple algorithm you developed in Week Two.

Document the purpose of each task and subtask.

 – Desk Check for Calorie Management

Continue working on the Week Five Learning Team Assignment.

Test your algorithms with a desk check by using the following test values:

·  Calories consumed today: 1877

·  Calories expended today: 1285

Create a desk check table to show the results of your desk check test.

Continue developing the Visual Logic flowchart of the algorithm, including all modules.

Use this flowchart to check the values given for the desk check.

Begin working on a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes. Use this presentation to convince senior management that your proposed solution fits their needs and requirements.

Compile all your Learning Team’s work from Weeks Two through Four into a 4- to 5-page paper. In the paper, include the following:

·  Problem statement

·  High-level view of the program solution

·  Function and internal structure of each program module:

o  Inputs

o  Processing logic

o  Output

·  Developed pseudocode

·  Task documentation

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Complete the Visual Logic flowchart that represents the algorithm.

Submit the Visual Logic file.

Finalize your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation.

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