AJS 594 Baylor University Participative Management & Performance Discussion

1.  Respond to the following 

The solicitation of feedback from all employees in adherence to principles of participatory management is vital. It is a critical tool that sets expectations for employees, as it also acts as a guide for employers and management. Feedback informs one how they can improve and how good they are performing. Without feedback employees can become unhappy with their jobs, have sub -par performance, and cause the organization to fail.

Law enforcement is a field that is male dominated. It is crucial for feedback to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. It is necessary to ensure that women are included as they are the minority. Inclusion provides a culture of belonging which in turn is an aid in performance and team building. Women who challenge the social norms are at risk of discrimination, harassment, and exclusion. This effects can leave one excluded from promotions, training opportunities, and work assignments. Inclusion is essential to employees, employers, and the organization as a whole. Companies must provide a positive work environment to ensure that the organization is run in a proper manner.

2.  Respond to the following

If an organization incorporates participative management in their organization, it can award the employees the opportunity to be a contributing factor in the organization’s decisions and policies (A guide to participative management, 2019). Receiving employees’ input can be instrumental in achieving the organization’s goals. Researchers found that organizations that utilize participative management want to integrate the expertise of their employees into the company’s decisions (Park, Lee, & Kim, 2015).  A participative management structure allows the employees at all levels to have input in the organization’s operations, goals, develop strategies, share individual analysis of problems, and offer ways to implement solutions (Park et al., 2015).

Researchers propose that there is a positive relationship between participative management and performance and also between innovativeness and performance. The benefits include enhanced employee morale and job satisfaction, and increased productive efficiency (Park et al., 2015). Therefore, alienating employees can lead to low morale, a low retention rate, and the employee feeling that they are not an intricate part of the agency. Participative management increases morale and job satisfaction, reduces turnover and absenteeism, and increased employee morale and job satisfaction are positively related to organizational performance. Therefore, participative management indirectly affects performance.

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