AJS 594 Baylor University Juvenile Justice Correctional Facilities Research Paper

Assignment Content

  1. You will be working on the Criminal Justice Program Proposal throughout this course. This is a cumulative assignment, which means that you will complete a portion of the final proposal each week..Select the following problem case studies :

    • Juvenile Justice Correctional Facilities

    Identify a problem in the case study that requires intervention.Write a 700- to 1,050-word proposal about a problem identified in the case study that requires intervention Include the following in the proposal:

    • Identify the type of program that would resolve the problem.
    • Describe the processes used to identify the problem in the case study.
    • Describe data collection methodologies that can be used to identify the problem.
    • Identify the data that must be collected to identify the problem.
    • Identify ways to involve key personnel in collecting and analyzing data.

    Include related terminology and concepts identified through the assigned readings.Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines.

include proper grammar, title page in text citations, reference page, page headers and numbers, headings. no plagiarism

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