Advanced Networking Technologies and complexity of WAN Analysis

Task 1:

1- The complexity of WAN’s is increasing every day as new services and users are exponentially added, the access to the global network is becoming prevalent and most of the organizations are dependent upon the WAN service. As a network specialist identify various kinds of threats on WAN networks and provide a critical analysis of any three of them with a complete mitigation plan as how these threats can be nuetrilized. (Total pages for this task 5 and above)

Noted: should to describe for 3 of Threat. Then explanation to all of that threat. Finally Mitigation plan to all that of threat.

Task 2:

Select a published paper (preferably from the
ACM DL or IEEE CSDL) that is discussing one or more aspects of the WAN network
threats in terms of (severity, vulnerability of WAN networks to such theats and
defense mechanisms). Summarize this paper in one page. The summary should
include the main ideas presented in the paper.(Total pages for this task 4)

Noted: Snapshots of the screen needed for two or three pages. And explanation in one

paper for threats review of that snapshots.

Kindly make sure of;

– zero similarity in turn it in

– Each paragraph citation with Harvard style

– Easy language

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