ACU Diabetes Disease Disaster Medicine & Management Essay & Presentation

I need ALL work for the same topic:

the Topic is: Disaster Preparedness and the Diabetic Disease needs of Vulnerable Older adults

I have done the outline for the paper ( include 3 references) I will attach the outline. So follow the outline contents

1- Annotation bibliography of 10 references ( 3 are selected in the outline and need 7 more)

  • Annotation is simply a brief summary of the articles highlights, relevance to your paper etc.

2- Final paper ( 15-18 pages)

Abstract – An overview of the paper topic, importance of the topic etc. Begin your abstract with “The purpose of this discussion is to…”

Targeted topics – Sample paper subheadings, major areas to be covered in your paper. Use bullets to help separate each subheading.

Selected references – cite at least three at this point (but will need to cite more in final paper). Also, see “Annotated Bibliography” below.

Expected conclusions what you expect at this point, recognizing that your final conclusions may be different; expect to discuss the difference(s) in your final paper.

3- Final paper presentation:

  1. 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation specific to special needs populations based in their research paper. The PowerPoint is due to instructor by week of November 26. Presentation topic will be chosen by faculty. Grade will reflect individual effort in the final product. The Power Point should include:
    1. Topic under discussion
    2. Overview of the problem
    3. Literature Review
    4. Findings
    5. Areas for action
    6. Summary
    7. References

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