ACC 492 Week 4 LTA Assignments from the Text

This pack of ACC 492 Week 4 LTA Assignments from the Text contains:

Comprehensive Question 17-27

1. Confirm capital stock issuance by evaluating supporting documentation and con

2. Calculate a second time the median number of outstanding shares.

3. Compare and contrast beginning balances with prior year working papers

4. Evaluate and research certificates that were cancelled during this year

5. Compare and contrast the presentation of final statements with GAAP

6. Prepare analysis of changes in common and treasury stock accounts

7. Review existing treasury stock certificates owned by the consumer

8. Evaluate the minutes of the board of directors’ in attempt to determine authorize

9. Compare totals in the stockholders’ ledger and stock book to the balance sheet

Comprehensive Question 18-31

1. Debit entries in are expected to be investigated in the cash account

2.Surprise investigations of cash receipts should be done before the AR clerk gathers the cash receipts; auditors have the job to make of list of them without making the clerk aware. The auditor should ask Gutzler to ask bank to send the statement containing this deposit directly to the auditor

3. Postings from other deposit slips should trace back to the cash receipts journal

4. Amount of discounts should be monitored

5. Check with the client on the appropriateness of cash receipt that was issued to them

6. Proof of cash working paper should be prepared

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