Abilene Christian University Applications of Linear Algebra in Computer Engineering Field Paper

report of 4 or more pages describing different applications of linear algebra in computer engineering field.


  • The report must include a cover page with your name, U number, professor name, date, and course name/number.
  • The report must have an introduction and conclusion.
  • Individual sections are expected per each application under analysis.
  • The report must have four or more pages, including introduction, conclusion, and cover page (table of contents and references are not considered).
  • You must include references for each application that you describe in your report.
  • The report is going to be review for plagiarism automatically.
  • You must submit a PDF document.
  • Font: Times New Roman, size 12.
  • Spacing = 1.0 and Normal margins Word Office.
  • Images are allowed.
  • The cover page does not have a particular format or font.

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