A T Still University Welcome to Australia Destinations Visitors Guide

. For this project students create an educational visitor’s guide for destinations within one country OUTSIDE of the European region. Itineraries should contain all of the following:

  • visa requirements for tourists entering the country;
  • review of cultural, political or social norms that may influence the tourist experiences (i.e. personal space, holy days, attire, free speech, dominant language spoken, etc.); and
  • detailed descriptions of 10 “must see attractions” located within the country.

Each attraction should represent to various degrees the geographic (physical, cultural, economic, political, industrial, social) characteristics that creates or identifies a “sense of place” within the selected country. Attractions can include physical features (mountains, famous beaches, islands, deserts, rivers, lakes, caves, rainforests, wildlife parks, etc.), as well as cultural features (buildings, monuments, museums, festivals, churches, markets, events, etc.) Do not include individual or general recreational activities, such as para-sailing, biking, eating, lying on the beach, horseback riding, shopping, or “taking a tour or cruise,” unless it is unique to the country/city, i.e., gondola ride in Venice, or Nile River cruise. Packaged tours (organized tours) of a city should also be avoided. Detailed descriptions that include the location of the attraction, historical background and basic characteristics should be included with times of operation (when is it open?) and entrance fees

I picked the attractions we need to put things together , I added some information to save some time , still need to paraphrase some more information about every place.

1. Werribee zoo

$28.00 Senior: $33.00 Adult: $37.00 Children under 3 years old receive free entry

an open zoo 30 mints from the CBD

2. Phillip island

Adult $26.60
Child (4 to 15yrs inc) $13.20
Family $66.40

3. Dandenong ranges


4. Melbourne museum

Adult $15.00
Seniors2 $10.00
Child (up to 16 years) Free

5. Yarra valley

free to, about 1 hour form CBD


Adult $44 $37.40
Child (3-12 yrs) $30 $25.50
Student or Senior* $34 $30
Child (0-2 yrs) FREE FREE

7. Royal botanic garden


8. Mount Buller


9. Federation square

CBD , free

10. Twelve apostels

free. natural view

11. Great ocean road

view , free

London bridge


12. melbourne Star

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